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Helping others.

Here are 9 things YOU can do to improve the lives of others and "Opportunity" in Iowa.


Helping others. Look at the list of supporters of Opportunity Nation and Opportunity Iowa. Encourage your family and friends to volunteer to help in some way that they would otherwise not have done. Check out Volunteer Iowa. Contact them and volunteer to help in some way that you would otherwise have not done. Keep track of your volunteerism.

Helping others. Make a list of all the persons, charities, and groups you support.

Helping others. Make a list of persons, charities, and groups you should be helping that you currently don't. Then, help them.

Helping others. Make it personal by becoming a mentor. Whether it is through an organization like Big Brothers/Big Sisters or simply agreeing to meet with a young person monthly, commit to making a difference in someone's life.

Helping others. Encourage others around you to focus on their "opportunities," and then act on them. Inspire them by talking about the benefits of such actions for you and your community. Make it a family affair by involving your spouse, children, or friends.

Helping others. Create or participate in at least one event this year focusing on "opportunity" and what it means to you. Help organize the effort. Report your opportunity events to the Opportunity Iowa site.

Helping others. Make a financial contribution to an organization you feel is effectively helping the less fortunate pursue and achieve their opportunities.

Helping others. Check out Iowa's "Opportunity Index." How can you act to positively impact Iowa's score? Take action and report it to the Opportunity Iowa site.

Helping others. Get involved politically and advocate for policies that support education, job training, and economic opportunities.

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