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If you would like a change, here are thirteen things YOU can do to improve "Opportunity" for you and for Iowa.

For YOU:

 Take time to think about your life, what you have accomplished, and what you would like to accomplish. Talk to your family and friends about this. Take notes.

 Create a list of your skills, interests and goals. Utilize the Kuder Career Assessment, Education and Planning tools. They are FREE for Iowa residents who have signed on to “Support Opportunity in Iowa”.

 Go to Iowa Workforce Development (IWD) to check out available jobs, or visit your local Chamber of Commerce, your local community college, or a business who can help you determine career areas with job openings or growth potential near you. These services are generally free.

 Contact a counselor or advisor your local community college to determine what skill deficiencies you have and set a plan to gain needed skills. Also ask about funding.

 Get started. It might be less expensive and quicker than you think. You can't finish until you start.

 Find a Mentor. You will be surprised to find that there are many people who had help along the way and are now willing to help others.

 Celebrate all accomplishments along the way to your goals, large or small. Share the celebrations with family and friends.

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