Opportunity Iowa Index

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How does Iowa rate?

Iowa ranks 10th in the nation in the Opportunity Index. Opportunity Nation rated states based on factors such as education, community health and civic life, including unemployment, income, crime rate, graduation rate and volunteerism.

The state with the most opportunity: Vermont

The state with the least: Nevada

How Iowa’s neighbors ranked: Minnesota, No. 6; Nebraska, No. 2; Wisconsin, No. 13; South Dakota. No. 15; Illinois, No. 26; and Missouri, No. 28

Areas where Iowa falls below the national average:

  • Household Income: $48,387 vs. $48,781 nationally
  • High-speed Internet (percentage of households): 67.83 percent vs 71.56 percent nationally

Areas where Iowa rises above the national average:

  • Fewer youth not in school and working: 8.9 percent vs. 14.1 percent nationally
  • Unemployment Rate: 4 percent vs. 6.3 percent nationally

For more information see opportunityindex.org.


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